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Thrust aside those
dark edges!

What makes UNICORE unique is the identical colour of the
decorative surface and the core layers too! Flaunt your desks,
doors, counter-tops, table-tops, drawers, display shelves,
shutters and all the other furniture with stunning and flawless
UNICORE surface that has uniform look all across.

How it's made?

Tastefully selected decorative papers for surface layers are infused with treated Melamine resins. Same decorative papers are used as core layers that are infused with specially treated Amino resins.


The same means that is used for VIOLAM Laminates can be used for VIOLAM UNICORE Laminates. Since the core is slightly frail, reversed side must be handled carefully to avoid chipping. Support the laminate on both sides, when using fine-toothed saw for manual cutting.

Gluing and Pressing

VIOLAM UNICORE Laminates can be both hot and cold pressed. Bonding guides as followed by VIOLAM Laminates should be followed for VIOLAM UNICORE Laminates too. To achieve proper bonding the glue line should be maintained thin and even.

Storage and Handling

VIOLAM UNICORE Laminates must be stored horizontally only. They should be properly accustomed to ambient conditions of the surroundings for at least 48 hours prior to application. Protective film should be retained until the completion of job.


Clean the surface gently with clean, damp and soft cloth. Do not use brushes or scourers. Stains like coffee or tea can be removed with mild house-hold cleaners. Do not use abrasive cleans, powders or steel wool.


Do not place hot objects directly on the laminate surface. Protect the surface from heat generating appliances by using trivet, protector rods or insulation pads. Do not use sharp objects like knives, keys etc. directly on the surface.