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Let imagination
get real!

Let your imagination loose on your laminates. Allow us to
customize your world with our collection of laminates with
digital impressions. Or design your own laminate and share it
with us - it can be an image or any other design. We will help
you convert your imagination into reality on our laminates.

Imagination has no boundaries. But the real art is, when you can translate your imagination to something that you can see, touch and feel. This is what sums up the intention of Violam Digital Laminates. With themes ranging from nature, sports, food and romance, you can choose from any category. Now, if you have any particular interior setting, and wish to match the laminates accordingly, Violam Digi Laminates is just the feature that you needed. Come, explore a whole new world of creative and quality laminates.

Walk around our Design section and discover the ocean of inspiration to match your ideas. But if you already have something in your head, explore our “YOUR DIGI Delight” service.

‘YourDigiDelight’ feature makes the process of converting concepts into laminates very simple. If you have any idea, or design, simply share artwork for the same with us, and we shall print that for you.

Alternatively, you can check our design library which is vast and interesting. From aesthetic to the most modern creative, abstract and populist designs, we do not run short of options. Do not worry about quantities and sizes. We shall be able to cater to all.

You just need to provide your own artwork, photos or illustrations and we will create a laminate that matches your idea.

Follw this easy process:

1. Call Vioam representative on 9898000XXX. He can help you coordinate the project details such as pricing and time estimate.

2. You create your unique design. Vector based files are preferred (Adobe Illustrator) for logos, artwork and illustrations. Photographs & images need to be at least 100 DPI at the actual size

3. Send your artwork to us by DVD/CD or via the Internet using "Dropbox". You can also email files (under 6 MB) to yourDIGIDelight@violam.in