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For the space that reflect
a discerning TASTE.
For the interiors that enthrall
the aesthetic SENSIBILITIES.
For the connoisseur who
appreciate FINE LIVING.

Product Description:

If you go behind the scenes of what makes Violam high-pressure decorative laminates stunning, you will all the more be surprised. The laminates are manufactured using fine decorative papers and absorbent kraft paper treated carefully with melamine and phenolic resins. Heat and pressure give them proper shape and strength.
Now you will wonder what makes Violam laminates resistant to hot water, stains and deformation. Answer is HPL’s strong bonding treatment. Another special treatment and the laminates are scratch resistant. Multiple stage treatments make Violam laminates both long lasting, which last to impress.

The formats available:


Where all you can use:

Home furniture items
Wall linings
Column claddings
Table top
Vanity units
Lift linings
Store fittings


  • Before bonding, always ensure that you level the surface and free it from oil, moisture, grease, dust and other contaminants.
  • Use Violam adhesive for better bonding. Stir it well before use.
  • The bond will become weaker if you add water to any adhesive.
  • Do not cut at 90° angle to avoid cracks. And round off corners after fixing the laminate.
  • Once tackiness is achieved (it may take 20-40 minutes, depending on the prevalent atmospheric conditions on the site), the laminate should be placed on the surface, accurately aligned and pressed down firmly to ensure proper bonding.
  • During alignment and pressing, no air gap or air bubbles should remain between the surface and the laminate.
  • Keep the pasted portion under sufficient pressure for a period of 6 to12 hours, for proper bonding. The rate of drying may vary according to the surface and atmosphere.
  • Use soft soap solution for cleaning.