Unraveling Dealroom Software

In merger and acquisition processes the success of a deal is largely dependent on how well integration after merger is executed. The right tools for managing projects can drastically cut down M&A times, boost productivity and enable businesses to gain significant value from a deal.

A project management tool with M&A features and a virtual data room (VDR) can help streamline collaboration and speed up due diligence. The software allows secure document exchange among multiple stakeholders, and can support the various M&A workflows.

The application includes a drag-and drop feature that allows users to do bulk import of folders and documents. The platform also lets users set permissions settings to restrict access to editing, viewing and downloading access. Security measures include an encryption policy for passwords that requires two-factor authentication as well as audit logs to improve regulatory compliance. It also has a mobile application for access anytime and anywhere.

Dashboards allow users to monitor the progress of diligence requests. They can also set reminders for overdue requests and use custom labels to organize requests. The software allows them to track high-risk, at-risk requests, and high-priority requests to ensure due diligence. Its collaboration capabilities include an internal team calendar as well as the capability to share tasks, documents and meetings with external partners. It also has chat features that facilitate communication with counterparties and a central repository of all diligence-related information. The software is suited to small and medium-sized enterprises in any industry that has M&A deals.


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