A secure virtual data room is a virtual space where a restricted group of users have access to documents. This allows collaboration and efficiency versus physical meetings, but with a layer of protection against unwanted third parties. Security features like dynamic watermarking, granular authorizations and extensive tracking are employed to safeguard the most valuable information.

Find You should look for a VDR that utilizes two-factor authentication. It will require additional information (like passwords) to confirm the identity of a user. The administrator of a data room may also monitor IP addresses, device types and locations for each user. Administrators can track all activities and deactivate permissions at any point.

Choose a platform that has multiple layers of security, for instance 256 bit envelope encryption server separation, AES-256 backup data. It’s important to check whether the VDR is hosted in top data centers that provide high availability and redundancy that is multi-layered.

In the end, ensure that your provider has multiple security certifications for their cloud storage systems. The most secure online data rooms are certified by ISO, SOC 1, SOC 2 and FedRAMP.

Digify’s virtual rooms are protected with AES-256 envelope cryptography and our AWS infrastructure is backed by redundant network connectivity, power systems, cooling systems and routers. We also focus on security of documents by implementing features like dynamic watermarking that identifies the person who received each file and increases the traceability.


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