Post Forming Laminates

SAWING: To avoid chipping, it is important that the saw blade teeth cut into the decorative face.

CIRCULAR SAWING: To avoid vibration that causes chipping, make sure to provide support to the material near the point of blade contact.

ROUTING: Electric or air powered carbide tip routers could be used for routing. Recommended router speed is 16000 to 22000 rpm. For special edge trimming very high speed routers should be used to achieve smooth-edge chip-free work.

EDGE FINISHING: Belt sanders may be used to flush the self-edge before the laminate top is applied.

ADHESIVES: Special Post Forming Adhesive is recommended.

PROTECTIVE FILM: The protective film should be removed as soon as the application is complete. Else exposure to strong lights may cause a pale residue and make it difficult to remove the protective film.


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